Why Prep?

Why Prep?

A Model for Success

We’re frequently asked, “Why does Charlotte Prep only go through the 8th Grade?” There’s a simple answer: We believe, and research shows, the Kindergarten-8th grade model is the best for our students and allows children to develop in a supportive environment.

At Charlotte Prep, there’s simply no rush to grow up before you’re ready.

The simple fact is that children learn and develop in distinct ways, and they benefit from a school designed to meet their unique needs, interests, and potential. Charlotte Prep is this school. From the teaching professionals we hire, to the programs we offer, to the intentional design of our learning spaces, everything we do creates an environment where children can thrive and be happy. Our exclusive focus at Prep is on children and childhood. We are not distracted by the shadows cast by a high school, which means Charlotte Prep students grow up learning to be responsible leaders on campus while maintaining age-appropriate playfulness. With nurturing and guidance, the hallmarks of our OnePrep faculty and staff, each child progresses along their individual journey towards maturity and emerges an accomplished Charlotte Prep leader, ready to graduate into a bright new future.

At our school, all students have the opportunity to explore, contribute, and lead. They develop the confidence that comes from being both challenged and supported to refine their unique talents and interests. Consequently, our students develop a strong and secure sense of self, which is one of the most important outcomes of our PK-8 experience. It is this confidence that allows them to build a new peer group, self-advocate, and try different experiences in high school. Our school is also the right size – we are small enough to provide an intimate, safe, and secure setting for children and large enough to offer a varied peer group and the opportunity to become friends with students from other grades.

Our Middle School students are the true student-leaders of our school, which is an empowering experience that prepares them to be leaders in high school and beyond. Charlotte Prep is also one of the few schools that allow 5th graders to participate in athletic teams, which means students can try new sports early on and develop their skills as well as practice teamwork outside of the classroom. The school spirit that springs from athletics is one of our signature qualities - “Tiger Pride” resonates throughout our school! Other opportunities, like being in the cast of a student musical, launching an impactful community service project, or serving on student government, round out the many ways our students explore their interests, develop their talents, and contribute to the greater good.

Perhaps the strongest measure of our success as a school is the ease with which our students transition to high school. Our graduates are lauded as exceptional students and empathetic individuals; they are well prepared, have integrity, are highly capable, and possess the maturity and confidence that comes from having had such a strong Prep foundation. The Charlotte Prep Advantage is real, and our PK-8 structure provides our students with the optimal setting in which to flourish.

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