Leadership development is a cornerstone of the Charlotte Prep experience. Our commitment to growing tomorrow’s leaders begins in the Early School and continues in a planned and purposeful way through Lower and Middle School, and our Four Pillars of Leadership – Respect, Integrity, Perseverance, and Courage – are woven into every aspect of the educational experience.

The BUDEE (Be Understanding, Dedicated, Empathic and Engaged) mentorship program, which matches Middle School students with buddies in Lower School provides another excellent avenue for leadership for older students and thoughtful conversations for students across grade levels.

Early School

Students as young as two years old are given daily opportunities to serve as leaders in their Montessori classrooms. Students learn independence and gain self-confidence through the curriculum as well as by serving as the Leader of the Day.

In Early School, Montessori lessons include grace and courtesy, instilling in even our youngest students an understanding of how to treat one another.

Teachers also work with children on the developmental understanding of one’s own feelings, as well as the feelings of others.

Lower School

All Lower School classes participate in a planned character education curriculum, which employs age-appropriate lessons that examine a different character trait each month.

Lower School students have opportunities within the classroom for leadership, such as Student of the Day and leading small group activities. Outside the classroom, students practice good character and develop leadership skills in intramural sports, drama productions, and after-school studios.

Middle School

As part of the Middle School leadership curriculum, students learn about presenting oneself, including interview skills such as shaking hands properly, appropriate dress, eye contact, and asking thoughtful questions.

This leadership development culminates at our annual High School Fair, at which local and regional independent day and boarding schools visit our campus to meet with our 8th-grade class.

These skills set our students apart as mature and poised adolescents and prepare them for futures bright with opportunity.

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