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Dress Code for the 2021-2022 School Year

Students should attend school in clothes that are neat, clean, and in good repair (no holes, tears or stains). Good judgment, common sense, and student comfort should dictate parental and student choice of school clothes. We expect students to refrain from assuming any personal appearance that might distract from the process of learning.

Early School Dress Code

Early School Dress Code

Our Early School Dress code is based on two main principles of Montessori: 

  1. The child’s independence and the ability of the child to concentrate on the task at hand.  
  2. Each child’s safety while working and playing.  

With these factors in mind, our dress code is as follows:

  • Shoes:  Sneakers are the MOST playground safe option.  Shoes must have a back, and toes covered.  NO light-up shoes, flip-flops, crocs, or cowboy/girl boots.   Children should be able to put on/take off shoes independently as much as possible. 
  • Clothing should be neat and comfortable, with the understanding that children’s play is often messy.  Additionally, clothing and shoes should be easy for children to manage independently, especially with regards to toileting.  
  • Media characters (any cartoon/superhero, etc.), words/graphics, and sports/other school logos are not permitted, except on specially designated days.  
  • Shorts or tights must be worn under skirts or dresses.
  • Limit accessories to functional hairpieces, sun protection, for warmth in winter, or as an expression of faith.  Children should not wear dangly earrings or necklaces that could get caught on playground equipment. Distracting or unsafe accessories will be stored in cubbies until dismissal.
  • If a child comes to school wearing an item that the staff deems to be in violation of the dress code, s/he will be asked to change, and a notice will be sent home.  If appropriate footwear is not available at school, parents may be called to bring appropriate shoes.
  • Fridays are our Charlotte Prep Spirit days!  Children are invited to wear their Charlotte Prep spirit wear on Fridays (or any day)! 
  • We ask students to change into "indoor shoes" upon arrival. Please send a pair of sturdy slippers or other shoes that the child is able to put on and take off independently.

Lower School Dress Code

Students are encouraged to wear Charlotte Prep spirit wear or PE clothes, even on days when the class does not have PE, so that they can remain comfortable throughout the day. If not in Charlotte Prep PE or spirit wear items, please adhere to the dress code as outlined above.

  • Clothing items should be free of commercial images, brand logos, or messages that impact one’s dignity. 
  • All tops must be long enough to completely cover the torso at all times and in all body positions; tops that expose the midriff or back area in any way are not allowed.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be properly cut and of modest length; they should not go above mid-thigh.
  • Shoes must have a back, and toes covered. Please refrain from wearing light-up shoes, flip-flops, or shoes with heels higher than ¼ inch.

Middle School Dress Code

  • Clothing items should be free of commercial images, large brand logos, or messages that impact one’s dignity.
  • Clothes may not display another school’s logos or branding.
  • Clothes should not display or suggest offensive language, sex, alcohol or drugs, or other elements contrary to Charlotte Preparatory School’s values.
  • Sweatpants or other types of athletic pants are not permitted. 
  • Athletic or uniform style t-shirts are not permitted.
  • Tights or leggings are not appropriate pants.
  • All tops must be long enough to completely cover the torso at all times and in all body positions; tops that expose the midriff or back area are not allowed.
  • All shorts, skirts, and dresses should be properly cut and of modest length.
  • Sleeveless tops are acceptable if the shoulder straps are at least 2 inches wide.
  • Undergarments should not be visible through or around clothing.
  • Athletic shorts, spandex shorts, or bathing suits are not acceptable wear.
  • Hats, caps, or other head coverings may not be worn, other than as an expression of faith, during the academic school day. Head coverings are allowed for sun protection or for warmth in the winter, but only outdoors.
  • Clothes must fit properly, and may not be excessively baggy or tight. Footwear should be worn at all times. Shower shoes, flip-flops, or shoes that restrict a student’s safe movement are not allowed. Please refrain from wearing shoes with heels higher than 2½ inches.  
  • Rubber-soled athletic shoes are required for participation in PE classes.
  • Students may not wear dangling jewelry, hair accessories, or other accessories that can disrupt study or may be harmful on the playground. 
  • Students are expected to remain in dress code throughout the school day. 

Charlotte Prep Gear and Spirit Wear Shop

Visit our BSN online store or Lands' End uniform store (Preferred School Number: 900044371) for all the Charlotte Prep gear you need. More items will be added through the year so check back often.

Required Chorus, Band, PE, and Field Trip Attire

Fall 2021 performance and field trip attire coming soon. Note that these items are not likely to be required until later in the Fall semester, and you will have plenty of notice in order to purchase your items in a timely manner.

Review the requirements for chorus, band, and field trip clothing. The #OnePrep Shop will have all Charlotte Prep attire available.

Lower School & Middle School: White polo shirt with Charlotte Prep crest for chorus, band, and off-campus trips. Chorus, Band, and Fine Arts Performers: White polo shirt with Charlotte Prep crest on chest. Black dress pants or slacks with a black belt (no jeans, capris, leggings, or skinny pants), black socks, and shoes (no sneakers, sandals, open-toe shoes, boots, or high heels) OR a black skirt with black stockings and black shoes (no sneakers, sandals, open toe shoes, boots, or high heels). 

Physical Education: On PE days, students should wear PE clothes (Charlotte Prep branded athletic shorts/pants, t-shirts, and sneakers) for the entire day.


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